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Spiritual Chaplains

All pilgrimages with Harvest are accompanied by a specially chosen Catholic priest or chaplain.

This feature assures an all-important focus on the daily faith journey of the pilgrimage group while providing opportunities for scripture and prayers at holy sites  and the sacrament of reconciliation and homilies which build upon the group’s spiritual progression.

As one pilgrim reflected… “our chaplain wove together the past with the present giving us a real sense of modern pilgrimage”.

You can be assured that Harvest will provide to you the most suitable priest chaplains, hand chosen to ensure a focus on the daily faith journey and the opportunity for memorable daily masses in the most breathtaking and authentic holy sites.


2017 Spiritual Chaplains

Bishop Columba Macbeth-GreenSacred Rome and Footsteps of Jesus, 7th January 2017

Fr John CorriganFootsteps of Jesus, 25th February 2017

Fr Anthony Dunne – Easter Footsteps of Jesus, 6-18 April and Lands of St Paul Anzac Day (including Malta), 17th April 2017

Fr Rory BradySaints of France, 27th April 2017

Fr Warren EdwardsGraces of Mary, 1st May 2017

Fr Troy Bobbin PPFootsteps of Jesus, 8th May 2017

Fr James Fannan PIFMSaints of Italy, 14th May 2017

Fr Peter StojanovicFootsteps of Jesus, 27th May 2017

Fr Patrick VaughanGraces of Mary, 1st June 2017

Fr Ken Barker MGLLands of St Paul & Malta, 5th June 2017

Fr Justel CallosFootsteps of Jesus, 25th June 2017

Fr Andrew BentonSaints of Italy, 13th June 2017

Fr Justin Darlow B.APP.Sc., S.T.B., S.T.L.Graces of Mary, 1st September 2017

Fr Stephen De Bono PPLands of St Paul and Malta, 4th September 2017

Fr Albert Wasniowski OSPPERoad of Mercy, 3rd September 2017

Fr Justin Ford PPFootsteps of Jesus, 25th September 2017

Fr Peter MeoSaints of Italy 13th September and Graces of Mary 2nd October 2017

Fr Andrew Grace PPRome and Medjugorje, 9th October 2017

Fr Kevin Taylor JCLLands of St Paul, 4th October 2017

Fr Gabriel EzenwaSaints of Italy, 15th October and Footsteps of Jesus, 27th October 2017

Fr Geoffrey Plant PPFootsteps of Jesus, 9th October 2017

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