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How To Book

Simple Booking Procedures

To secure a place on Pilgrimage, please complete the attached booking form and return to Harvest with a $1000 per person deposit.

  • Cheques to be made payable to Harvest Journeys or nominate credit card details where shown (Credit Card fees apply). 
    IMPORTANT: As there are separate Tour Codes for Air & Tour Package and Tour Only programmes, please ensure to correctly list the applicable Pilgrimage code onto the Harvest Booking Form.
  • Please Book Online or download a printable version of the Harvest Booking Form
  • Await Harvest’s letter of confirmation containing receipt, visa(s) information (if applicable) and travel insurance details along with other specific travel information.
  • Make balance of payment 7 weeks prior to departure (NOTE: A late payment fee may apply for payments made after this date).
  • Collect or await the delivery of final tour documentation approximately two weeks prior to departure date.

Please complete the form below if you have any questions or enquiries and one of our Harvest Consultants will reply as soon as possible.

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